Project overview — DAOstack

Before proceeding to this review, it is useful for us to learn about DAO and how they can be used in a cryptic climate. In their main sense, DAO can be viewed as «open, self-organizing collectives», which are regulated by the use of specialized code. In addition, the DAO also uses a business model based on income + incentive, which allows creating «open, accessible resources». At this stage, it should also be mentioned that DAO technologies are scalable and can keep up with the growing needs of the digital community for an indefinite period.

What is DAOstack?

Simply put, DAOstack is a new «operating system» that can be used to manage the DAO. Using this platform, open source developers from around the world can work together and jointly create a wide range of DApps (when distributing «individual ownership» within the product to value investors).

In addition to all this, DAO Stack can also be used by crowd supervisors to work together and manage rating platforms, which can then be used in the tourism sector, in the consulting market and so on.

Some of the key applications of DAO Stack include:


By using this platform for independent organizers from around the world, it can become easier to unite and create start-up operations, companies, non-profit organizations, etc.

Future Willingness

As mentioned earlier, this technology is fully scalable and can be used for any future innovation regardless of its requirements or sizes.


One of the key uses of DAO Stack is its ability to manage financial systems through the use of an ecosystem based on tokens.

Working power of attorney

Another way in which DAO Stack has a huge potential is in the world of hiring. It can be used for sources of quality workers, collaborators using a ranking system + bonuses.

Basic functions of block chain control DAOstack

Distribution of work

When using this platform, customers will be able to conveniently view projects, identify specific work for each other, conduct specific research. In addition, all this independent work can easily be arranged using the DAO Stack base system.

Absolutely for everyone

This product can be used by anyone. Regardless of whether we are an independent developer or a large corporation, the DAO Stack can be increased, as and when the situation requires.

Open source

The API used by this service is open source and can therefore be used by independent developers (to promote innovation in this domain).

Business Agreements

A very undervalued function of DAOStack is its ability to facilitate agreements between two or more parties for a particular project related to work.

Wide investment portfolio

DAO Stack offers all its users the opportunity to create business agreements, collaborate between projects and invest in a «curatorial portfolio of projects of blockades.»

Who is behind DAOstack?

DAO Stack is the brainchild of Matan Field, who is considered the leading expert in the field of «decentralized management». From the point of view of his education, Matan has a PhD in physics and has been in the DAO / blockchain domain since 2014. Similarly, Adam Levy is the technical director of the company and has been in the block zone for more than 5 years. He also holds a PhD in physics from Technion and previously served as a former IDF radar engineer (with over 22 years of code writing experience). Finally, Roberto Klein is the CFO of DAO Stacks. According to the professional profile of LinkedIn, he describes himself as «an investor and an entrepreneur, with special attention to block chain management, IPO and corporate / start-up financing.»

Other key personnel involved in this project are Josh Zemel, Jonathan Goldman and Primavera De Filippi. All these people receive solid credentials and can be contacted through their FB or LinkedIn profiles.

How do I get on board with DAOstack?

At the moment, the basic system is not yet available for commercial use. Nevertheless, interested customers have the opportunity to subscribe to weekly updates (through which they will receive updates regarding the platform). In addition, to contact the core development team, customers / investors can contact them via Reddit, GitHub, Twitter or by email (






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